Junk Removal Services in Lansdowne VA

Junk Removal Services in Lansdowne VA

A junk removal company in Lansdowne VA that can always be trusted to provide fantastic service is Diligent Junk Removal, who pride themselves on a job well done and their competitive prices.

Hauling junk in Lansdowne VA shouldn’t have to be a difficult process that so many of us put off. Instead, it should be seen as a rewarding job that eventually frees our homes up of unwanted items, making more space for the future. However, getting the job done yourself can be hard.

Here at Diligent Junk Removal we understand that not everyone has the time, patience or even the equipment to haul their junk. That’s why we’re here to help. Over the years we have learned how to make the whole junk removal in Lansdowne VA process as quick and painless as possible.

We do all of the hard for you so that junk removal services in Lansdowne VA are your new go-to plan for your unwanted things. We make sure that you think of junk removal in a new light. Think of it as a fresh start rather than labor.

We offer:
Junk and trash removal
Hot tub, shed, play set demolition and removal
Hoarding services
Debris removal
Furniture removal
House and garage clean out service
and more

Donating items

Many clients recommend our services for our dedication to the environment. They understand the importance of not simply putting all items in the trash. The fewer items we can place in the landfills the less our impact on the environment. Donating your items also means that you can supply those in a worse situation than yourself with much-needed household objects, pieces of furniture and even tools. What’s better than helping those in your local community?

We offer a special donation pickup or you can request that some of your items are donated to a center when we come to collect your junk items. Rest assured that our team will separate the donatable items from the junk to ensure that they get where they’re supposed to go.


All of our prices are incredibly competitive, allowing our services to be available to more people than ever. Nobody should have to put up with a cluttered home. We price our services according to the volume in our trucks. So, we have charges from the smallest amount of space in a truck (our minimum charge) to a full truck. You can even request more than one truck if you have a very large volume of items to be hauled and or donated.


Diligent Junk Removal Customer Rating: ★★★★★ 4.8 based on 18 reviews
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